Having any birthday is a big occasion in our family, but once you’ve gone past 40 it’s usually not as much fun as it used to be.
However, this year my awesome wife got me a “Don’t Rain – Family Skateboarding Lesson” and to say i was excited was an understatement!

I used to skate when i was a lot younger, and had started skating again a few years ago, but i was mainly just long-boarding or cruising around whilst my kids were playing. I wanted to get back into riding ramps and doing tricks so started taking the kids to the local skate-park. However, getting old and running my own business had turned me into a bit of a wuss and I just couldn’t do what i used to!

So, the day of our lesson arrived, we had arranged to meet Hamish at Romsey skate park at 9am on a Saturday morning (when most kids would still be in bed). We had my nephew with us to watch, however, Hamish very kindly let him join in – top man!

Straight away all of us were dressed in protective gear and given our boards for the lesson, all of which was provided! Hamish then went through all the safety info to make sure no-one would get hurt, and we then made our way to the flat area to start.

As a result of some brilliant teaching both my girls and my wife were up and riding their boards within the space of 10 minutes! He also had them pumping on the ramp later in the lesson. I was asking for pointers on lots of different things, that I used to be able to do, and Hamish helped me out with anything i needed, it was awesome!

I would recommend Don’t Rain and Hamish to anyone who wants to learn skateboarding from scratch or have some help to re-live their youth!

Deon Tucker (loving skating even more now!)

Deon Tucker

Family skateboarding lesson, 5th June, 2017

Matt and Hamish from Don’t Rain are full time dudes. Their true passion for skateboarding and teaching skateboarding shines through when you see them doing their thing. Essentially, everyone wants to make a living from doing something they love and Matt and Hamish are working very hard to do this. Their enthusiasm when a student progresses is off the scale and they make skateboard classes appealing, safe and super fun. We’ve witnessed them in action a number of times and are blown away by their professionalism and style.

Jim Cregan

Founder of, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

To be a teacher , it requires great patience and a passion for what you teach , to pass that passion onto others, to make them want to excel and share the passion you have . Today you guys made me smile from ear to ear , to see the young people learn from you and listen to you , take on board your teaching and to progress so much in one day has left me thinking that today was the very best day I have had at the skatepark in the five years I have been there . I honestly cannot thank you enough for the difference you made those kids day today , I hope they are hooked on skateboarding … I will let you know when they return next week !

Lisa Kille

Manager - The Front Skatepark

“Skateboarding is fun and it is good exercise. Hamish and Matt are great at teaching people all about how to skateboard. They can teach complete beginners to advanced skaters. Hamish and Matt are very experienced at skating and I love having lessons with them because you learn a lot and it is very fun. I would like to have more lessons with them because the new Woodside skate park is going to be amazing and I want to be able to use it a lot. 
Ben Perring

“Hamish and Matt have been teaching my son Ben at his school in Lymington. Don’t Rain is such a great idea as there are lots of young people who like the idea of trying skateboarding and just don’t know how to go about it within a safe environment. Don’t Rain have a range of excellent equipment and full safety gear, and children are taught the importance of being safe from the outset. They also design and make their own beautiful boards and can even run design sessions on the occasion when it does rain.
Ben has always loved skateboarding, but has found it hard to progress beyond the basic techniques. Hamish and Matt make learning safe and fun – they are patient and have a great rapport with the children. They are always polite, organised, on time and full of enthusiasm…great ambassadors for the sport, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone.”
Wendy Perring

Managing Director – MA Arch (Edin.) Dip Arch (Dist) RIBA, PAD Studio

You recently did a workshop at the holiday club in a school, and the feedback from parents is so positive.  All the children raved about your session. They all asked for you the next day and asked if you were coming back. Since coming 3 of the children went out or ordered a skateboard, and purchased pads and helmets.
Not only was the session great but your relaxed approach made the experience outstanding, you provided the children with the confidence they needed to try this new skill.
Thank you for your time, and energy it was the most enjoyable day for the staff and children.
Many thanks

Sian Hill

Highcliffe St Mark Primary school

I thought skateboarding was absolutely amazing and a lot easier than I thought although the grabs were quite a lot harder. The knee and elbow pads were pretty tight but kept us safe and the instructors who did it were kind and friendly.
Jacob Year 5

Don’t rain provided our children with an amazing opportunity to build confidence, develop a growth mindset as well as the exciting opportunity to give skateboarding a try! Hamish and Matt are friendly and professional and without a doubt put the children first. Their small group sessions enable a personalised approach and every child came away with a buzz about skateboarding! I would highly recommend their sessions and hope they come back soon!

Ali Wright Muscliff Primary School

P.E Coordinator

“The skate club is great. Hamish is very interactive during the sessions. I always look forward to the end of the week so that I can go to Fridays club at Muscliff. I’ve gone from not being able to balance to being able to go over ramps and try out 180’s!”
Liam - Age 10

“Thanks for keeping Liam interested! He really does love your skateboarding sessions and has improved so much despite only attending for a few months. He certainly looks forward to Fridays!”
Sally - Parent

Dear Hamish,

I am writing to pass on my gratitude for your assistance in ‘The Big Skate’ community event that took place in Bournemouth on Saturday 27th June 2015.

The event was a community event to raise awareness of this sport in the area.

From the inception of the event your willingness to take part and assist led to you being a key partner in the running of the event.

In the build-up to the event you assisted with ideas for the running of the event. You kindly supplied ramps and equipment and on the day of the event you were coaching people of all ages and abilities.

The coaching on the day was extremely successful and very pleasing to see. You were constantly in demand, and throughout the day you were teaching all ages from 4 year old boys and girls to adults. It is your patience and calm manner which made this aspect the most successful part of the day.

The event was a great success and no doubt because of your passion and willingness to take part and assist the community in this event.

Once again Hamish, Many Thanks for your dedication and extremely hard work in the build up and running of the event.

Yours Sincerely,

PC Joel Brooks 2361

Bournemouth Police Station

Joel Brooks

Police Constable 2361, Dorset Police

…Hamish has worked in all three of our units in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Swaffham.

The age range of our young people is 12-16. All of our young people are hard to reach and difficult to engage.

While working with these groups I was particularly impressed with Hamish’s adaptability. Rather than sit back and observe he is able to get involved and is proactive and able to head off confrontation.

Hamish is able to help with planning and offer suggestions; he gets on well with everyone who works here.

To summarise Hamish, in my opinion, is fantastic to work with on a daily basis … He is able to communicate and build relationships with all age ranges, young people and adults. He is able to forward think and plan and has a great love of sports which is infective and takes everyone along with it.

July 1 2014

Liz Easton

Director , Respect4us, an alternative provision for schools in the East